The band

Where it all began

Motherhood & Applie Pie, A.K.A Gary and Sam Hayward, began in 1991. We have been married for nearly 3 decades and have brought up four wonderful children. We wanted to create music that gave the listener a sense of hope and that there is always someone that loves them beyond any imagaination and situation.  


The name Motherhood & Applie Pie originated from one of our bass players (John Taylor) back in 2011. We were struglling for a name and thought what random things could we think of, Johns' randomness won.  


Up until now, things have always moved slowly for us; work, family and health has always had to take priority. As a result, we have seen several musicians support us before they had to move on to new lives and locations (marriages, work, etc). We want to say a huge thank you for all who have supported and helped us along the way, played gigs with us in the rain and in sticky floored venues, you will always be treasured in our hearts.  


Our music

We aim to spread a message of hope and love with our music, to encourage all who listen. The liyrics have come from many places of brokeness and happiness and always point to a hope and love that has carried us through. 

Sam has suffered from life changing illnesses and disabilities and yet the lyrics are always hopeful. They tell of the struggles and of successes in her life and that there is always someone looking out for us, cheering us on through life to continue to love and honour each person we meet.     


The music is from decades of musical influnces including Peter Gabriel, Sting, Led Zepplin, Def Leppard, Audioslave, Joe Bonamassa, Faith Hill, T'Pau, Anistashia and countless others. Gary's main musical influence is Blues/Rock and whilst this comes through in the music, there is a musicality that becomes easy to listen to.  


We love to perform live either as a band or as an acoustic duo. We love the live atmosphere and meeting new people. When we are back on the stage again, we will always have some CD's available.  


Things you might not know

When we're not in the studio or creating new music we are usually hovering around open mic events, festivals and other going to see other bands at live events.  

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