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Motherhood and Apple Pie have their own project studio and is available for small part-time projects. We can help produce your material and bring your project to life in your style and unique sound. All charges are per project and will be completed during the evenings or weekends where there is availability. 


Equipment includes Tube-Tech, Neve, Audient, Lexicon, TC Electronic, Focusrite, ProTools, Universal Audio interfaces, Genelec and Kali monitors, a collection of new and old microphones and many guitars/amps and effects.  

Music Coaching

Enhance your awareness of the musical content of any given song/composition. This service will help you gain wisdom of what and how to play and arrange a song, whilst learning how to transfer your emotion within a performance into a recording. This is charged per half hour. 

Vocal Coach

This is a service to help refine your singing or speaking/presenter voice. There are some good and bad vocal techniques out in the world and we offer assistance in support of a program from one of the best vocal coaches who is supported by many US doctors. This charged per half hour. 

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